Tips for Finger Pricks

Tips for Finger Pricks

Finger pricks are a common method of drawing drops of blood for at-home medical tests. To ensure a simple and quick procedure, there are a few tips you should follow to help with blood production.


Drink at least a few glasses of water in the hour leading up to your test.

Increase Your Blood Flow

Take a warm shower or bath, wash your hands with warm water, walk up and down the stairs or do some jumping jacks to help warm your body and increase blood flow.

Select the Best Finger and Spot

Typically, the best finger to collect blood from is your ring finger, then your middle finger. Prick the side of your finger where circulation is at its peak.

Stand Upright

If possible, try standing with your hand and collection card below your waist. Doing so can help the blood flow go in the appropriate direction. 

Massage Your Finger

Apply pressure around the base of your finger and slowly move down toward the tip to help blood flow through and out your fingertip.

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