New Year’s DON'Ts

New Year’s DON'Ts

Author: Matthew Gallo
Inspire Wellness@Home
December 30, 2022

New Year’s DO’s DON’Ts

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, we tend to think about things that we can do to improve our lives. However, sometimes it’s the things we DON’T do that contribute the most to our health and wellbeing. This year, focus on the DON’Ts and live a healthier, more balanced life. 

DON’T make too many resolutions

If you’re determined to make resolutions for yourself in the new year, consider keeping it to a minimum. We tend to drop our resolutions when we have too much going on in our lives and picking just one or two things to focus on will help increase your likelihood of success.

DON’T skip meals

Skipping meals, whether it’s because you’re too busy or because you want to lose weight, is another mistake to leave in 2022. Skipping meals causes your body to lower its metabolism, causing us to burn less calories and have less energy. We also tend to get over-hungry, leading us to over-eat or make unhealthy choices. 

DON’T set too many alarms in the morning

6:25…6:30…6:35…look familiar? Why do we do it when we know we won’t get up anyway? Instead of setting a string of alarms for the morning, start setting one or two at most, and begin each day by winning the battle with your inner, sleepy self. 

DON’T binge-watch TV at night

It’s okay to admit that you spent all last weekend binge-watching the new season of Stranger Things, but consider not letting it turn into your nightly routine. Catching up on your favorite shows is an OK way to unwind, but there are better ways to relax. Instead of letting hours go to waste, find more mindful activities that help you feel like you made the most out of the day.

DON’T sleep with your phone

Our brains have enough distractions that keep us from falling asleep, don’t let your cell phone become another one. On top of the dinging and flashing of notifications, the dopamine kick that comes with scrolling through social media or checking your messages before bed will keep you alert longer and prevent you from falling asleep when you want.  

DON’T say yes to everything

It’s okay to say no to people when you’re feeling overburdened or stressed out. Being a yes-man is an easy way to wear yourself down. Don’t feel like you have to say yes to every single opportunity or request that comes your way, whether at work or in your personal life. It is important to give back time to yourself and focus on self-care. Don’t feel guilty about turning down things that won’t positively impact your life.  

DON’T DO take control of your health and wellness journey

Whether or not you choose to make resolutions for the new year, DO take control of your health and get in touch with your body with Inspire Wellness@Home’s collection of at-home health and wellness tests. From Sleep and Stress to Heart Health, there’s a test for anyone looking to learn more about their body or start on a proactive path towards better health.  Choose the test that fits your needs, test easily at home, and return your sample in the postage-paid envelope for fast and accurate resulting. It’s that simple!

Learn more about Inspire Wellness@Home’s collection of at-home health and wellness tests here. Happy New Year from Inspire Wellness@Home.


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